Your insurance company has been collecting and storing consumer data for as long as it’s been in business. That information is vital to your everyday operation, and it’s vulnerable to security breech. A breech could cause legal issues, lost customers, and diminished profits. Many companies look to off-site storage for an affordable, secure solution.

What Records Need Management

If you provide medical insurance, the documents you collect are high-value targets for criminals. Your records might include medical histories, social security numbers, birth dates and financial information, all of which is highly sensitive. If you provide other types of insurance like auto and property protection, you might have documentation of your clients’ credit history, driving record and financial assets in addition to their personal identification data. Whether those records are physical or electronic, they need to be stored in a safe place.

How Armstrong Manages Records

When you entrust us with your records, we label every container with a barcode and enter it into our system. When you need access, it’s easy to find the container you need.

Insurance companies often choose file folder indexing for additional information tracking. A data entry expert enters patient or client names into the system under the correct box. When insurers need specific information, our professionals can locate it and, if requested, deliver it to you. We can also provide scanned documents as an emailed PDF or on a secure flash drive.

Benefits of Off-Site Storage

The biggest reason insurance companies choose off-site storage is the improved security. Choose a specially-designed archiving warehouse or a climate-controlled location depending on your needs. If a catastrophe or natural disaster hits your location, your documents stay safe somewhere else. Off-site storage also has these additional benefits:

  • Save time – If you run an insurance company, your focus is on serving your clients and building your business. Keeping up with documents takes away from the time you need for your most important duties.
  • Conserve space – Stacks of boxes take up closet space and overflow into areas you need for business. Stacks of paper make office staff feel overwhelmed and leave them exposed to cleaning staff or customers passing through.
  • Secure viewing – Instead of having to clear your desk to make room for dusty boxes, request as many boxes as you need to review and make use of our spacious viewing room.

Armstrong Archives provides access to your files around the clock through our online services. Get easy records management, easy file access, and peace of mind when you contact us about document storage today.

Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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