The construction industry has many concerns to deal with every day—construction projects, scheduling, zoning, safety, and materials, just to name a few. What many companies and contractors don’t usually think about is document management. When it comes to the demands of building structures of brick, mortar, wood, concrete, and steel, it may be easy to dismiss the importance of keeping their construction documents secure, well organized, and easily accessible.

Yet this is of utmost importance to any business, especially one as bound by schedules as the construction industry. It’s vital that your office function efficiently and that important documents be kept secure.

Looking For Document Storage?

Look no further than Armstrong Archives! Our off-site record storage services and digital and electronic records management provide the security you need to protect your sensitive information in an organized manner. We also specialize in document scanning to help you get started with converting paper documents to digital documents. To learn more contact our team.

Types of Documents Used in Construction

Like any other company, construction contractors rely on many different documents in order to run. A few of these include:

  • Vendor information and orders
  • Invoices
  • Compliance orders
  • Blueprints
  • Bid documents

In addition to being kept safe, these items must remain easily accessible. Different team members will need different documents, and some items need to be kept archived for tax and business compliance purposes. Otherwise, the business will run inefficiently, and its growth may well suffer.

Benefits of Document Storage in Construction

Document storage solutions provide document control and serve to make construction company offices more streamlined while also cutting down other costs throughout the business. The ways in which document storage can help construction companies include:

  • Increased speed: Managing documents takes time. Most document storage services, such as those provided by Armstrong Archives, provide file indexing and online access to minimize time spent retrieving documents by keeping them organized.
  • Save space: Rather than dedicating massive cabinets—or even sections of warehouses—to managing construction documents, you can dedicate your office space to more industry-specific endeavors by storing documents off site.
  • Security: Offsite storage facilities are highly secure, and since service providers are dedicated to document management full-time, they adhere to the strictest security protocols when managing construction documents. There is far lower risk of losing important blueprints or finding client information stolen.

With the above benefits, construction companies can experience more efficient operation and accelerated growth with effective document management. Armstrong Archives, LLC provides many document storage services to project managers, construction managers, and others in the industry, so contact us to learn more.

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