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Off-Site Records Management & Storage Services

Businesses must keep records. Physical archiving of documents can be troublesome and costly and it can be difficult to archive large amounts of data and information effectively. Records storage companies, off-site file storage, and companies offering document management services sprang up because of the need for a better way to handle document archiving and records storage.

Our Dallas Record Storage Facility

You can rest easy when you place your documents in our Dallas record storage facility. We know how important it is that your files are secure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The weather inside our climate-controlled warehouse is always perfect for the optimal preservation of your records, no matter what it’s like outside. So your files are in perfect condition when you need them. And our 24-hour security ensures that they will stay safe and sound.

Why Use Armstrong Archives Off-Site Records Storage Services?

Save Time

Despite the best efforts of many businesses it can be incredibly difficult to keep physical archived documents in an easily manageable state and time spent trying to find a specific document is often not the best use of an employee’s time. One of the main problems for businesses attempting archiving is getting the indexing right. Our file storage system uses a tried and tested formula that allows your records to be found, then delivered to you quickly. Armstrong Archives is conveniently located in Carrolton, Texas, just 10 miles from Dallas, Texas, and only 14 miles from Plano, Texas.

Save Space

Archived documents take up space, clutter the office and make you less productive. File storage often takes up valuable company real estate that could be used for company expansion! Armstrong Archives records storage services will allow your business to free up some much needed space in the office.


To protect your physical files from being compromised, Armstrong Archives stores them in a secure building with a specially designed archiving warehouse. If desired, you can choose to store your files in a separate climate-controlled area at our Carrollton, Texas, based location. The controlled setting reduces potential for deterioration of the physical records you are storing. We also offer secure document and media destruction services in our suburban Dallas warehouse location, should you need those services.

Records Storage Services

Armstrong Archives is one of the premier records storage companies and a recognized provider of secure, reliable storage. We make the process extremely easy for our customers who need off-site file storage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our web-based records and data management system enables our customers to manage their inventory, free of charge, from anywhere at any time – 24/7. These services are available to clients anywhere in North Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Lewisville, Plano, and Denton.

How Armstrong Archives Can Help:

When adding new boxes to our system, every container gets labeled with a barcode. The barcode will be used to track your records. You can fill out a transmittal form which records detailed information on the contents of each box. This information goes into our systems to allow us, and you, to easily find a specific container while the box is in storage. You can use any information you choose: series of dates “From/To”, alphabetical sequence of items “From/To”, any name associated with the contents, your own box number, a destruction date YOU NAME IT! Our custom computer software is continually updated, improved, has individual fields that cater to each individual customer’s needs for easier online identification. Our tracking system also records box sizes, history, activity, etc., for the life of the item.

One of the convenient services we offer is file folder indexing. Indexing of the file folders inside of a carton is just another way to track the contents of a box. Here’s an example of why you would want to use this service using patient charts in a medical clinic: You send us a medical records box and you want us to index the charts in this box. First, all items inside of the box get a bar code. Then, a data entry professional keys the name on the chart, any other pertinent information, and the bar code ID into the system.  Now, when you need John Doe’s medical chart, you can either search for him on our online system, or call in with his name and find his associated document container immediately. At that point we can fax, scan, hold for pickup, or deliver this patient’s medical chart to you.

Sometimes you need your document FAST! And we can get it to you FAST! We will retrieve your box from our warehouse, find the information you require, scan it to a PDF file, and email it to you or provide it on a flash drive. You can also pick up the documents or file at our Dallas, Texas, Metroplex location, or we can overnight, mail, or FAX them to you or whomever you designate. Our legal clients love our scan on demand service, as time is money and will often require documents on a moment’s notice for an upcoming litigation.

Our software allows you to access your inventory online, perform queries, and print/export reports. You can also place orders for retrieval, pickup, or supplies from the convenience of your computer.

Our viewing room is a large, comfortable area where you have all the space and supplies needed to review, one or many cartons at no extra cost.  You save delivery fees by only paying for storage retrieval and return.   You simply book in advance the time needed.  Using our viewing room for audits, projects, or spring cleaning saves space and clutter in your office and does away with delivery charges while the room itself is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You need your boxes fast? We’ve got you covered! Just order before 2pm and we will deliver your box to you same day. Additional charges may apply. ***Limited to Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Lewisville, TX, Plano, TX and nearby cities***

Too busy to box your own files? Let us come to your office and do it for you! We realize emptying file cabinets and labeling boxes can be a chore, especially in a busy work environment. Let us come do it for you! We’ll mark the boxes with the information YOU want, and we’ll even barcode the boxes and fill out your transmittal forms!Too busy to box your own files? Let us come to your office and do it for you! We realize emptying file cabinets and labeling boxes can be a chore, especially in a busy work environment. Let us come do it for you! We’ll mark the boxes with the information YOU want, and we’ll even barcode the boxes and fill out your transmittal forms!

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, all of these services, including our shredding services in Dallas-Fort Worth are available to you. Let us simplify and streamline your business document storage.

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