Security Shred Bag

Secure Shred Bags for Confidential Document Disposal

Our Security Shred Bag Offers Secure Document Shredding & an Eco-Friendly Fundraising Opportunity.

Identity-theft protection and data theft prevention are ongoing concerns that all of us face. According to, one-third of U.S. citizens have been victims of identity theft during their lives and every year, 15 million more Americans will become victims. In fact, in 2020, one million children in the U.S. were targeted by identity thieves! It’s clear that we all must be vigilant to protect our private information, both in digital and printed form.

Why Use Climate-Controlled Storage?

Armstrong Archives’ new Security Shred bag makes it easy for all of us to keep our personal documents from those who would use them for their own gain. Similar in shape to a paper lawn and leaf bag, Armstrong Archives’ new Security Shred bag is a large capacity, two-ply bag that is just over 30” tall. The bottom of the bag measures 19” x 5.5” and is flat so the bag stands up for easy loading.

The super-strong two-ply bag remains intact even if it accidentally becomes wet and has an exclusive design that contains a security print that keeps documents inside the bag hidden. Best of all, our Security Shred bag can hold approximately 25 to 30 pounds of documents to be destroyed. That’s the equivalent of about 5-6 packages of 20-pound bond paper!

Users simply buy the bag ($25) at our Carrollton location and use it at home to collect sensitive documents such as tax records, bank and credit card statements, health records, canceled checks, unsolicited credit offers, security account statements, travel documents and boarding passes, expired credit cards and IDs, and any other such documents that are no longer needed. When it’s full, just close the bag, secure it with the easy self-sealing strip, and bring it back to us for safe shredding!

Buy In Bulk and Save

Those who have lots of shredding to do can buy the Security Shred bags in bulk and save! This is a great opportunity for clubs, churches, and companies who want to offer their employees this fantastic perk! When you buy 25 bags or more, we offer a substantial volume discount of up to 52% off! Groups who do not require pickup qualify for the largest discount and can purchase bags for just $12 each! Bags purchased at this rate can be dropped off at our Carrollton facility once filled. If you would like a one-time pickup of your organization’s filled bags are your location, you may buy 25 bags or more for just $15 each.

Use the Security Shred Bag to Raise Funds for Your Organization. Next time your organization needs to raise money, wouldn’t it be great to offer an item that everyone needs, but few can easily access? Such an item will practically sell itself! We’re talking about easy, secure bulk document shredding. Thanks to Armstrong Archives, this scenario can be a reality! Your church, sports team, school, or non-profit can take advantage of our volume discount pricing and raise money with Armstrong Archives’ Security Shred bags! Purchase 25 bags or more at $15 each, then sell them to friends, colleagues, neighbors, and relatives for $25 each! Your organization makes $10 for every bag sold! Those who purchase a bag simply use it to collect sensitive materials at home for as long as they choose, then seal it and bring it to us for secure shredding. It’s that easy! Imagine how easy the Secure Shred bags will be to sell. Everyone needs safe shredding, yet few have the access to bulk shredding at this amazing price!