Document Shredding

Document Shredding Services for Secure Data Destruction

Document shredding is an essential service that virtually every business requires. Federal regulations such as HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act stipulate that organizations must safeguard certain types of protected information to ensure that it is not accessible to those who would misuse it. When a breach happens and data falls into the wrong hands, the result is usually identity theft or fraud and these types of crimes cost businesses and individuals billions of dollars each year in monetary and other types of losses.

Any company that handles financial or health information must make arrangements to store it securely and safely destroy it when appropriate. This requires document destruction and destroying other forms of data storage such as electronic media.

Dallas, Texas Secure Document Shredding

Armstrong Archives offers secure shredding services that are designed to meet the needs of any business. Document shredding is a secure and cost-effective way to protect sensitive information, while also complying with applicable laws. Our shredding services are fast and efficient. Our professional team handles everything from convenient pickup to secure destruction so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How Shredding Works

Secure shredding destroys confidential documents by finely cutting each sheet of paper into small pieces that are impossible to reconstruct. While some small companies choose to do their own paper shredding, most use a professional offsite shredding services company for cost-effective, secure shredding. Armstrong Archives’ professional paper shredding service is performed at our warehouse in a secure location. Our on-site shredding process takes place under video surveillance to ensure the secure shredding process is completed. Shredded paper is collected and then safely recycled following safe, environmentally sound practices. You may request a certificate of destruction that certifies our secure chain of custody process.

We also offer the secure and confidential hard drive destruction and recycling of your electronic and magnetic data storage devices such as internal computer drives, tapes, portable hard drives, USB drives, disks, etc. Our Dallas hard drive destruction services ensure that data on old and outdated computers and storage devices are not stolen and misused.

Business and Commercial Shredding Services

Most organizations that handle sensitive data find they need professional shredding services. This includes financial services companies, banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, CPA firms, title companies, insurance companies, and government entities among others. Our commercial Dallas shredding service is a perfect solution for the offsite shredding needs of these types of enterprises.

When you use Armstrong Archives’ paper shredding services, we place secure, locked document storage containers at your location. Employees add documents for destruction to the containers whenever needed. Our driver will pick up the shredding bin at regular intervals, leaving another in its place, and take it back to our warehouse for secure, complete paper shredding.

Companies with a large volume of confidential documents may want to use our secure destruction bins. These are perfect for high traffic, high volume areas such as copy/print rooms. Organizations with lower volume may prefer our destruction consoles. These are locked cabinets that collect confidential paper documents to be shredded in an internal bag. Our driver will come to remove the bag inside the console on a regular schedule and take your files to be safely shredded at our warehouse, leaving an empty bag for you to fill up again. You can have as many bins or consoles as needed.

We even have a paper shredding solution for your employees working from home. The Defender is a secure collection container that is perfect for the home office document destruction needs of large and small businesses alike. It is small enough to fit at a home workstation but locked and completely secure. Our pick-up and drop-off secure shredding service works just the same for this single workstation solution.

Benefits of Document Shredding Services

Businesses in Dallas, TX rely on our hassle-free document shredding services to protect their confidential information. An off-site document shredding service is convenient and helps you comply with important regulations.  Hiring a third-party document destruction company

  • Saves you money by using an outsourced data shredding service, which cuts down on equipment costs,
  • Shredding document reduces liability by providing you with a proof of date, time, and method of destruction from the shredding company
  • Safeguards your reputation by keeping the trust of your employees and customers.

One-Time or Ongoing Secure Shredding

Whichever you choose, bin, console, or single workstation collection, our document shredding services in Dallas can set up any pick-up schedule you desire: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Or if you prefer, you can skip the scheduling and just call us at 972-646-2065 when you need a pick-up. And you can always call us between visits if you need us anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex!  Contact us to arrange paper shredding service for your large or small business today.