Scan on Demand Document Services

How does it work, and how can it help your DFW business?

The world is increasingly digital, but that doesn’t mean hard copies have become obsolete. There are legal and financial reasons why individuals and businesses should maintain original documents, such as contracts, receipts and tax records, and other critical business documents.

With Armstrong Archives, you’ll not only enjoy secure document storage but also document scanning services that enhance your records management capabilities. 

If you’re not quite ready to dive into scanning all your documents, you can simply ask for scan-on-demand services as needed for quick, easy access to digital copies of specific documents or files.

Hire a Document Scanning Company or DIY?

Key Features of Our Scan-on-Demand Service

When choosing a document scanning service, you want options that best serve the needs of your business. When you need access to a stored document, simply call us or submit a request online. We can deliver the physical documents to you, or you can pick them up or review them in our viewing room. Our indexing and barcoding system allows us to quickly and easily find any document in your inventory.

However, if you don’t need the original hard copy, you can request a digital copy with our scan on demand service. We use OCR technology to convert scanned documents to searchable, editable text files for your convenience. We offer multiple output options for your convenience including uploading to your cloud storage account, CD, DVD, and flash drive.

Advantages of Digital Document Services

By storing documents with Armstrong Archives, you can free up office space and rest easy, knowing your documents are in a secure, controlled environment. DFW businesses will enjoy streamlined records management with easy access to files, thanks to our meticulous inventory system and options for secure document scanning.

You’ll never have to spend time searching for or retrieving physical documents. No more tinkering with a finicky scanner and taking the time to convert a paper document to digital yourself. Our professional document scanning services are cost-effective, time-saving, and designed to make your life easy.

Man's arm reaching into a file cabinet to retrieve a document.

Digital Document Services Tailored for Your Industry

Whether you’re in the healthcare, legal, or finance industry, maintaining original documents in a secure environment is vital. You can be sure your documents are stored in a HIPAA compliant, SAS 70 Type !! audited facility that is aligned with all state and federal document protection laws. With our flexible options for organized file management and digital document service, we will create a customized storage solution that is right for your business.

Get Started Today

If your DFW business is looking for a document storage and records management solution that include temperature- and humidity-controlled environments, secure file storage and destruction, and flexible, scan-on-demand services, you will find everything you need at Armstrong Archives.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you and request a quote for preferred services.

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