One-Time Bulk Shredding Service

Your Partner for One-Time Shredding Services

We know how vital it is to safeguard privacy and to protect your business against data breaches. That is why we deliver the convenience and security you need to be confident your sensitive documents are properly disposed of. 

Our one-time paper shredding is perfect for any organization with infrequent shredding needs or those that require bulk document shredding. For all of your one-time bulk shredding needs, turn to Armstrong Archives.

Why Choose Armstrong Archives?

Armstrong Archives is committed to providing the best in security and privacy through our one-time shredding service. Our NAID AAA Certification® highlights the stringent quality standards we maintain for all our document shredding clients.

All document shredding is done using the latest technology, and all shredding personnel have been thoroughly background checked to ensure your company’s security and privacy from start to finish.

When you choose Armstrong Archives, you receive custom services tailored to your specific business needs without any hidden fees. We’ll design a solution for you based on the type and volume of your records. Our bulk document shredding service delivers convenience without compromising on privacy.

Our One-Time Shredding Process

We ensure a secure process for reliable records destruction and shredding with these key steps:

  • You fill our provided receptacles with your documents.
  • Choose a convenient pickup time.
  • We transport your documents to our secure facility.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your shredded documents are safely destroyed and sustainability recycled.

The entire process is carried out following robust chain of custody protocols, and shredding takes place under video surveillance to ensure the highest level of security.

Document Collection Options

We offer multiple document collection options to make our bulk shredding service as convenient as possible for you. An easy option for one-time paper shredding, our wheeled collection bins can hold up to 350 lbs. of paper and feature the Lockjaw® locking system to prevent tampering. We also offer shred consoles which are popular with our ongoing shredding clients. Holding about 80 lbs. of paper, each console is fitted with an interior bag which we collect and replace with a new bag periodically.

Another option is our one-time-use security shred bags. At $25, these sturdy, prepaid shredding collection bags are an eco-friendly and flexible solution. You can buy as many or as few as you need, fill them at your convenience, and return them to our Carrollton location for shredding at any time. Bulk purchases of 25 or more bags are discounted to only $12 each. If you need pick up service, your purchase of 25 bags or more are just $15 each.

Shred Bag Document Storage

Benefits of Our One-Time Shredding Service

How can your business benefit from our one-time shredding service? With this service, you can:

  • Comply with privacy laws by ensuring proper disposal of sensitive documents.
  • Mitigate your legal risk by disposing of all confidential and sensitive documents.
  • Safeguard your business, employees, customers, and other partners from identity theft by protecting business information.

Armstrong Archives’ bulk shredding service provides these benefits in the most convenient way possible, tailoring our solutions to meet your unique needs.

Bulk Shredding in Dallas–Fort Worth

At Armstrong Archives, we understand the business landscape of the Dallas–Fort Worth area and offer custom services designed to meet the specific security needs of our local clients. Scheduling with us is easy, and you can always count on reliable and timely service from our team. Request a bulk document shredding quote today.