Medical Records Storage

Secure and Efficient Medical Records Storage Solutions

Medical records storage is a headache for physicians and other healthcare providers. Over time, medical records grow quite large and require an immense amount of physical storage space. That’s why most medical professionals choose a medical records storage solution like Armstrong Archives to safely store their files when they are no longer needed at the office. Medical records and charts, imaging, and other important materials are stored safely in our HIPAA compliant facility protected by 24-hour security, and they are available to you quickly when you need them. When you choose Armstrong Archives for medical records storage, you free up valuable space at the office without forfeiting the access you need. Most doctor’s offices run on paper. Patient information forms, medical history records, insurance documents, surveys, legal forms, and so forth must all be carefully maintained and protected.

However, storing that much paper in your office can get expensive, and it may even be impossible for smaller practices. This is one reason why Armstrong Archives offers medical records storage to healthcare providers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Storage Services in Dallas

While many medical practices are moving from paper toward electronic documents, most still have vast quantities of old documents to store. Keeping those records confidential is a top priority. At the same time, HIPAA requires that documents with personal health information (PHI) be made available to patients.

Secure Document Storage

Armstrong Archives’ medical records storage services give healthcare providers an easy way to maintain their physical files without taking up excess office space. Our specially designed storage facilities are built to keep medical records safe while also allowing for quick access when you need them. We even provide storage for retired doctors that need document and storage after retirement.

Quick & Easy Access

If you need to access a document, you have a number of options, including:

  • Our comfortable viewing room
  • Expedited document delivery to your office
  • Scan on demand
  • Online access

Our indexing services allow for quick access to files stored in our facility, making information easy to retrieve, scan, and view when you need it.

In some cases, it may be worthwhile to use our medical records scanning services to convert all of your files to digital format. The digitized files can then be delivered to you on a disc or flash drive, or sent via the web.

Advantages of Medical Records Storage

Our medical records storage services provide hospitals and private practices with numerous advantages, including the following.

Lower Office Space Requirements

Storing medical documents offsite allows you to make more efficient use of your office space. You’re able to devote more square footage toward serving your patients.

Quicker File Access

Our indexing and scan-on-demand services make it easy to access files right when you need them. In addition, if you decide to scan and index all of your medical records, you’ll be able to quickly find them electronically using your office computers. Either way, you’ll spend less time rifling through filing cabinets.

Simpler Security & Compliance

In-house filing cabinets need to be constantly monitored, and access control can be difficult. By storing your medical records in our secure offsite facility, the burdens of security and compliance become much lighter for your office.

Additional Services

On top of medical records storage, we provide:

  • File folder indexing
  • Effective records management
  • Online access
  • On-demand scanning
  • Viewing room
  • Quick document delivery

Contact Us for Medical Records Scanning & Storage

Ultimately, the benefits offered by our medical records storage services allow you to spend more of your time and effort helping your patients. Contact Armstrong Archives to learn more about how our services can help your healthcare practice.