Climate-Controlled Storage in Carrollton, TX

Climate-Controlled Records Storage for Longevity & Security

Climate-controlled storage is necessary to protect important business documents from the elements and provide extra protection from moisture and temperature. Regardless of the type, businesses generate an enormous amount of paperwork. Oftentimes – especially for businesses in the healthcarelegalfinanceinfrastructure, and utilities sectors – this paperwork is of a highly personal or professional nature. Documents such as vital records, client financial information, health records, and legal information must be retained for future use and stored in humidity-controlled storage until needed; however, the careful storage of these essential documents involves attention to detail that goes far beyond putting boxes of paperwork in a warehouse or self-storage.

Why Use Climate-Controlled Storage in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

The Texas climate can produce extremes ranging from extreme hot and dry conditions, cold and snow, to warm, humid and even flood-producing monsoon seasons. These fluctuations in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on paper documents. Worse, non-climate-controlled storage solutions like storage units, garages, and some warehouses can allow dust, contaminants, and even pests to infiltrate important documents.

Our controlled storage solutions with built-in HVAC with Armstrong Archives provide a much more managed approach to storing a business’s most important documents and records. Here, secure, air-conditioned storage units protect against the above-mentioned temperature and humidity extremes, as well as other contaminants. We employ dedicated HVAC and dehumidification systems to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

Short- and Long-Term Dallas Climate-Controlled Storage Options

Whether you need storage space in the Dallas area for years to come or simply need a place to keep important documents while you move to a new office, Armstrong Archives provides custom climate-controlled storage units in Dallas for your needs. Our storage facility in Carrollton provides an affordable long- or short-term fit for any business. Better yet, our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 to provide the ultimate security in Dallas, Texas.

All files are thoroughly documented and indexed upon arrival, providing you with the clarity you’ll need for future access. Each container is labeled with a bar code and updated regarding its contents. Then, whenever access is necessary, you’ll have the ability to view your documents in our climate-controlled viewing room or receive them via scan or certified document delivery.

Multiple cardboard boxes containing documents systematically organized on sturdy metal shelves, contributing to an efficient and structured storage system. The image reflects a well-managed document management setup, ensuring accessibility and orderliness.

Secure Storage for Essentials Documents, Clothing, Artifacts

In addition to safeguarding critical business documents, Armstrong Archives’ climate-controlled storage solutions are ideally suited for preserving a wide range of sensitive and valuable items. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with advanced HVAC and dehumidification systems, provide the perfect environment for storing clothing, artifacts, and other unique items that require protection from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and potential contaminants. 

Whether it’s historical garments, irreplaceable artifacts, or other precious items, we offer tailored storage options to meet the specific needs of each item, ensuring their preservation and longevity. Trust us to extend the same level of care and security we provide for your documents to these invaluable pieces.

Let Armstrong Archives Simplify Your Storage Needs

Contact us today to learn more about our climate-controlled storage units and our comprehensive short- and long-term storage solutions in Carrollton, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do need climate-controlled storage in Carrollton if you have sensitive paper documents, photographs, electronic media such as CDs or DVDs, or other types of materials to store that are sensitive to extremes in temperature or humidity. These items might include architectural drawings and blueprints, archival photographs, office supplies such as forms, envelopes or stationery, or inventory for sale.

Climate-controlled storage protects sensitive documents by maintaining a constant temperature (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity level (40 to 55% relative humidity). This means that the documents are never exposed to excessive heat that can cause the paper to yellow and the glue on bindings or envelopes to deteriorate. High relative humidity can cause paper documents to curl, and extremely high moisture levels can cause mold growth or rotting.

The benefit of a climate-controlled storage units for storage of sensitive items and documents is that your materials are protected from excessive temperatures and excessive humidity. This is where the benefits end, however.

The problem with storing sensitive items in a climate-controlled storage unit is that this is a self-service proposition. You have to transport your materials to the self-storage facility. Then you have to move all the items yourself into the self-storage unit. Then, if you need anything that is stored there, you have to go to the self-storage unit and comb through your inventory to find what you need, then drive back to your original location.

When you hire a records management company that offers climate-controlled-storage, you don’t have all of these steps. A full-service records storage company like Armstrong Archives will come to your location, pick up the sensitive items that need to be stored, take them back to our climate-controlled warehouse, index them, and then store them safely. Should you ever need these materials, just give us a call and we will retrieve them for you. You can come view them here or we can deliver them to you.