Secure and Efficient Legal Records Storage

Law firms process high quantities of paper, and many of those records need to be maintained for several years after they’re produced. For that reason, most firms end up with large archives that are difficult to store, access, and process.

Armstrong Archives assists law firms throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area by providing highly effective legal records storage services.

Meet Record Retention Requirements with Legal Records Storage

Legal records often contain sensitive information, and law firms need to implement effective policies when it comes to managing all their paperwork. In some cases, specific timeframes are set forth by state laws, but more often than not, the guidelines are quite vague.

In addition to meeting legal guidelines, law firms also need to make sure they keep case-related documents on hand until the case closes (and some time after, in case there are grounds for appeal).

Because of these factors, law firms need to establish effective record retention policies. In many cases, that means having a plan for record storage. Armstrong Archives can play a key role in that plan.

How Legal Records Storage Helps Law Firms

Our storage facilities are specifically designed to keep paper documents safe and secure while still affording quick access when needed. Some of the advantages we provide include those described below.

Storing Protected Health Information

Secure Long-Term Storage

Our storage facilities are built for security. Sensitive case summaries, client information, and communications are all kept secure, saving you the difficulty of protecting files in house.

Quick Access to Important Information

When you need a file for a case, we provide on-demand document scanning. Coupled with our indexing system, we can find, scan, and send the information you need when you request it.

Efficient Office Space Utilization

By using offsite legal records storage, you reduce your office space requirements, saving on overhead costs and allowing you to devote more resources toward helping your clients.

Numerous Additional Services

On top of legal records storage, we provide law firms with additional services, including:

Each of these services can help your law firm better manage its paper documents, and they can even play a role in helping you move toward a completely paperless office.

Contact Us for Legal Records Storage Solutions

If your law firm needs legal records storage solutions, we’ll be happy to work with you to create an ironclad plan for looking after your paperwork. Contact Armstrong Archives to get started.