Digital & Electronic Records

Digital and Electronic Records Management Services

Businesses of all types generate a large amount of information in the process of conducting the daily activities of business. Previously, this information – often in the form of employee records, medical records, legal paperwork, vital documents, and more – existed in the form of physical paperwork. Since this paperwork contained a large amount of personally identifiable information or business financial or legal information, its protection was – and is – a key responsibility of business owners.

What Is Digital Records Management?

In the digital age, much of this information now exists in electronic formats. In addition, many companies have begun the process of converting archived paper documents to digital files. However, because these digital records continue to house sensitive information, businesses must employ digital and electronic records management.

Digital records management efforts allow businesses to capture, store, organize, track, and protect the digital records created by the activities of daily business. While in-house management of these digital records is possible, such efforts are often costly and require a great deal of time and resources to accomplish in a secure manner. For that reason, Armstrong Archives offers digital document management services from our Dallas, Texas facility.

Storage and Management of Electronic Records

Armstrong Archives provides your business with a centralized archive system so you can manage your digital records in one place. Our reliable processing services accurately capture all data from files of different types – such as receipts, invoices, medical records, employee forms, emails, faxes, and more – and store it in a unified file format so retrieval is seamless. Once stored, records are indexed and documented appropriately; you can search via a variety of different keywords, storage dates, file types, and more for more efficient access to your records.

Most importantly, Armstrong Archives strictly adheres to all regulatory standards regarding data and PII storage security, allowing you access when you need it, and protecting information leakage to outside entities. When you need access to your records, you can request online access or view your documents within our climate-controlled viewing room.

Let Armstrong Archives transform your records management procedures so you can go back to growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about digital records management and how our system can streamline your records keeping.