More than ever, companies are moving into online solutions for every aspect of their business. Documents are often stored in cloud databases for the purpose of easing access and streamlining security, making the task of managing company records far simpler and less cost intensive.

At Armstrong Archives, we provide prompt online access to stored documents, whether they are stored physically in our secure facilities or in electronic format on a server.

Benefits of Online Storage Access

The primary benefit that comes with online access to your documents is the ability to quickly retrieve them any time, anywhere. With paper filing systems, the time you and your employees spend sifting through cabinets in search of vital documents composes a significant portion of the workday, meaning much of the wages you pay are used looking for papers.

Online access to a well indexed database dramatically reduces retrieval time, making your workplace far more efficient.

In addition, storing your documents through a third-party streamlines security costs since you don’t have to devote resources to monitoring vast filing systems. Instead, they are kept within a secure facility or database where a devoted team maintains strict security protocols.

Online Access Features

At Armstrong Archives, we provide your business with numerous features through online access to your stored records. These features include the ability to:

  • Redact or delete records
  • Set expiration dates on documents so they’re deleted after a certain point automatically
  • Prepare for disasters or losses through built-in redundancy
  • Retrieve documents through your own in-office computers
  • Cut down on document filing and processing times through electronic filing

Ultimately, this type of access to your stored records gives you more efficient control over them while at the same time freeing up office space, streamlining security, and keeping document management costs down.

Compliance and Quality

These services are provided through our SAS70 Type II audited facility, which means that our data center and processes are verified by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to do exactly what we state they do. This serves as a second, official opinion on the quality of our processes, facilities, etc., ensuring that you can rely on our storage, document scanning, and online access services.

To learn more about the various document management services we offer, contact Armstrong Archives today.

Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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