5 Reasons to Use Off-Site Document Storage

  • reasons to use offsite file storage

Your company’s documents and files are absolutely vital to your ability to conduct business. But they can be cumbersome and bulky to store, taking up a great deal of space. Offsite document storage is an ideal solution when it comes to managing corporate records, and here are 5 reasons why:

Make Space

Filing cabinets take up space. If your company is large – or if you have been in business for a while – you likely need many file cabinets to store all your archived documents. Each cabinet requires about 15 square feet of space to be fully accessible, so storing your company’s records on site is probably taking up a large chunk of your space. Imagine how much extra room you will recover by utilizing offsite file storage.

Keep Private Data Private

Secure corporate records management requires a security system with locks, surveillance cameras, and so forth. Is your business set up to be a secure records storage facility? Probably not. Using an offsite document storage company puts the burden of security on the storage provider, who should have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to keep your important documents secure. Be sure you choose a records storage provider, like Armstrong Archives, that is up to the task.

Improve Business Continuity

We don’t like to think about it, but sometimes disaster strikes, in the form of fire, flood, or other unexpected, untimely event. Unplanned events like these put your documents at risk. Offsite file storage can keep valuable company and client data protected from unexpected damage, allowing your business to get back on its feet faster after your business experiences a loss.

Improve Efficiency

Offsite storage is more efficient. Not only will it likely cost you less than portable storage or leasing extra office space, you will have quick access to your documents electronically. For example, at Armstrong Archives, we provide file folder indexing, on-demand scanning, and online access to your documents, making retrieval quick and easy – far simpler than storing documents yourself.

Ensure Compliance

Federal laws regulate the secure management and accessibility of data as it pertains to employee and customer privacy. Using offsite document and file storage services makes maintaining compliance easier and more affordable.

For all these reasons, off-site document storage is far superior to storing documents at the office or in a temporary storage facility. For more information about secure offsite document storage, contact Armstrong Archives LLC today.

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