Retail Records Management in Dallas

During busy times, Dallas-area retailers are thinking about serving customers, re-stocking shelves and ensuring inventory meets demands. What they shouldn’t be worrying about is stepping over and around unkempt stacks of receipts and records. Retail records management is a task best done off site and best left to the experts. Consider the following if your company needs off-site document storage to make room for items that will help keep that cash register ringing.

On-demand Scanning

If you might need to access stored records fast, use a document management service that offers on-demand document scanning. Here’s how it works: call them up and ask them to find a vital document. They’ll find it, scan it and deliver it via e-mail in a matter of minutes.

Pick-up Service

Asking an employee to load boxes of records and receipts into their truck and drive it to the storage facility is a waste of money and an employee’s time. Select a Dallas document storage solution that offers on-site pick-up and safe transport in an enclosed truck.

Inventory Management

Use a company that will inventory items with barcoding. When combined with tracking software, barcoding allows for quick, easy access to important documents. Specifics regarding each box can be entered electronically for quick retrieval.

Online (Cloud) Access

Cloud-based access to your off-site documentation allows for printing, reporting and pick-up scheduling. If you can access the Internet, you can access your data.

Viewing Room

If you want to be able to see and touch your files yourself, use a document storage company that provides customers with a comfortable viewing room. Sifting through boxes with a flashlight in your mouth on a cold cement floor is not the way to access and view your important records

Quick Delivery

If you need an original, hard-copy document, use a records management service that offers expedited, same-day delivery. There will be a cut-off time after which same day delivery is not available, so be sure to ask about that. Armstrong Archives can provide same-day, expedited delivery when requests are received up until 2pm.

If you work in the retail industry and need records management and storage services, contact Armstrong Archives today.

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