The holidays are finally here and the hustle and bustle of the season is in full swing. Like with most businesses, the holidays are as stressful as they are relaxing. After all, you still have to get an entire month’s of work completed with less time on the calendar and sometimes the regular tasks get overlooked.

One of the tasks that may be overlooked is regular paper shredding because everyone has tighter deadlines than usual. Perhaps this is finally the time to make the New Year’s resolution and look at outsourcing your paper shredding for 2014.

Paper Shredding in 2014

Choose a company you can trust
Simply hiring the next shredding company you see in Dallas may not be the best decision. There are certain companies you can trust and others you should be leery about using. The most important factors to consider are:

• Do they provide a Certificate of Destruction?
• Are they compliant with FACTA, HIPAA or other federal or state laws?
• Are they experienced?
• Are they local?

Shredding is a great investment

Regardless of how you dispose of your paper documents, there will be a cost associated with it. However, outsourcing your company shredding may be less expensive than shredding in-house. If you factor in the cost of buying an office shredder and the amount of time employees will waste by feeding documents into a shredder, the cost may actually be a lot more than using a paper shredder like Armstrong Archives. It’s also worth noting that a typical office shredder will likely break down due to over use and will need to be replaced on a regular basis. The only thing you have to do is store your documents in a console we provide, and the rest will be taken care of by Armstrong Archives.

Stay Compliant in 2014

By hiring a paper shredding company in Dallas such as Armstrong Archives, you can ensure your business will be compliant in 2014. You will no longer have to worry about your documents falling into the wrong hands and you can proudly boast to your customers, clients and staff that they can put their full trust in your company. By being compliant in 2014 and outsourcing your paper shredding, you will no longer have to worry about hefty fines or penalties imposed by the government for preventable errors.

Contact Armstrong Archives today to learn more about the paper shredding services we offer. We wish you a safe and successful 2014!

Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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