5 Challenges Associated with Onsite Records Storage

Today more than ever, businesses of all industries have significant amounts of data that must be managed regularly. Not only do records need to be organized and filed for general business efficiency but the government also requires record retention for tax and other legal purposes. So what’s the best solution for safe and accurate Learn more

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4 Advantages to Moving Toward a Paperless Business Model

Many businesses are choosing to make the move toward paperless. In today’s digital society, much of your company’s work is probably already done on a computer. But if you’ve been in business for a while, you might have quite a few older files lying around -- and by quite a few, we mean you might Learn more

We Got to Know the Latest Industry Innovations at a North Carolina Conference

As one of the premier document management companies providing services that range from record storage to shredding services in Dallas, TX, we make a special effort to be aware of the latest innovations in our industry. That’s why attending industry conferences is an important part of our work: they’re great opportunities to hear about Learn more

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7 Reasons Why You Need Document Management Consulting

Every company can benefit from a solid document management solution. With papers like invoices, notes, customer information, and reports always piling up, there needs to be a set strategy to keep it all organized. That’s where a document management company comes in. By partnering with us at Armstrong Archives, you can put your document worries Learn more

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Some Things You Ought To Know About Outsource Shredding

The office shredder. She’s been with you for quite some time now. She’s seen you through some rough times, office parties, milestones in your business. She’s getting kind of old, and you’ve thought about replacing her, but it just doesn’t seem right. You’ve used your shredder on thousands of pieces of paper over the Learn more

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Certified Record Management

This April, we attended the 2016 ARMA Southwest Region CRM conference. It was a fruitful experience, learning about the latest trends and practices in Certified Record Management. We thought we’d take a minute to explain what CRM is, and how it helps us keep your data safe. Let’s start with what we do. We Learn more

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5 Tips on Keeping Your Information Secure

In recent years, the public has become more and more accustomed to the reality of data leaks and mass identity theft. Target, Snowden, Ashley Madison, Sony, these scandals still hang in the minds of consumers and have irreparably damaged the overall confidence in any company’s ability to keep their sensitive data safe. Here are Learn more

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Armstrong Archives

Show Previous/Next PaginationIf affordable storage doesn’t sound like it’s within your reach, think again. At Armstrong Archives, we do everything we can to keep operational costs low so that your fees are affordable, and we never add unnecessary fees to your monthly contract. Plus, it’s all delivered with a smile. Read on to learn Learn more

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