5 Indications Your Dallas Business Needs Document Storage

All organizations in Dallas, both big and small, need to have a proper document management system in place to protect and organize their critical information. In fact, implementing a document management system that includes document storage is not only smart business practice; it’s also a compliance and regulatory necessity. Unfortunately, some companies still fail Learn more

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Implement a “Shred All Policy” for your Business

When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are you storing your customer When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are Learn more

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Record Storage Tips to Keep in Mind

The task of in-house Record storage is a significant contributing factor in the ability to maintain organization over your personal and business records. It’s simply a necessary procedure for various reasons; it keeps critical documents organized allowing for easy retrieval when needed, and keeps information secure from potential threats. Without secure off-site record storage Learn more

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Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft with Document Shredding

Let’s face it; your identity is one of your most valuable possessions.  It’s imperative that you are doing everything you can to keep the identity of your business, employees, and yourself protected. Nowadays identity theft cases continue to occur here in Texas and the rest of the United States, and the number of data Learn more

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Choose Armstrong Archives for Document Shredding

If you’re like most businesses, your DFW Company produces an excessive amount of information on a day to day basis. Due to strict privacy regulations in place, safeguarding the privacy of customers, employees, and of course your business is extremely important.  Outsourcing your document shredding needs will contribute to safe document management, protecting sensitive Learn more

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Reduce the Risk of Fraud in Your Dallas Workplace

Throughout the Dallas region as well as other major cities across the United States, businesses are being affected by fraud. Whether you are a large corporation or a small independent company, fraud is a serious crime that can occur in several forms. Fraudulent activity may take place internally through employees, or can take reference Learn more

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Keep Your Documents Safe in Lockable, Secure Consoles – Armstrong Archives in Dallas

Whether papers need to be collected and stored for in-house office shredding or to be destroyed by shredding professionals, secure lockable consoles provide a solution for confidential paper collection in your Dallas business or office. Tossing sensitive material in open recycling containers, poses a security threat to your company and customers. With identity theft Learn more

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