When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are you storing your customer When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are you storing your customer files right now? What are you doing with old sensitive documents that no longer need safe-keeping? Where are you placing day to day documents being discarded by your staff? It can be a challenging task sometimes, determining what business documents should be stored, and which should be securely shred.


I’m sure every business has experienced this situation; documents begin to pile up around the office, and filing cabinets are overflowing lacking any sort of organization. So what do you do? A portion of those files can likely be collected and shred to de-clutter your office area, and get back some valuable space. Office shredders are unfortunately unreliable and require a significant time commitment from your employees to complete the shredding. This alone can lead to even more document pile-up amongst employee desks. Not a good means of organization, and surely not a good means of internal security.

To eliminate the hassle and confusion that comes with internal shredding, several companies are converting to a “Shred All” Policy for their business. How does this benefit your company? For starters, it eliminates the responsibility from your employees having to decide what to shred and what to store, reducing the risk of lost/stolen sensitive documents.

How else can a “Shred All” Policy benefit your business?

  • Reduces the risk of information security violations that can bring hefty fines and penalties
  • Saves time from sorting through “confidential” vs “non-confidential” documents
  • Reduces office clutter and disorganization
  • A green practice that contributes to a more sustainable environment

A “Shred All” policy is simple with a few basic steps:

  • Ensure there are shred bins placed throughout your workplace in convenient, high traffic areas, and that your employees are well informed in regards to contacting your shredding company once the bin is near capacity, if not already on a regularly scheduled service.
  • Educate and train staff so they are aware of the importance that comes with securely shredding sensitive documents. Set internal procedures that will assure a “Shred-All” policy is being followed. It’s important that a staff member doesn’t mistakenly place sensitive information in the trash because of assuming its content nature is safe.
  • Familiarize your employees on the materials that can be disposed of in your collection bins. All documents no longer needed, can be stored in the locked shred containers. It is not required that you remove staples or paperclips prior to shredding, which saves even more time for your staff!

Interested in discussing more? At Armstrong Archives our document destruction specialists will gladly assist you in implementing a convenient “Shred All” policy at your workplace. We’ll even supply you with free lockable collection containers for secure document storage prior to destruction.
Contact us today at 972.635.0983 for additional information on our document shredding services!

Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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