As one of the premier document management companies providing services that range from record storage to shredding services in Dallas, TX, we make a special effort to be aware of the latest innovations in our industry. That’s why attending industry conferences is an important part of our work: they’re great opportunities to hear about the latest inventions and to network with other industry professionals. That’s why, this month, one of our managers, Jason Kelly, wanted to share some of the experiences and information he gained at the latest conference.

I recently attended a partner conference in North Carolina, which was put in place to talk about upcoming changes to the online cloud service that we currently use, called iChamber. It was also the unveiling of a new service named iCor, a complete document, sales and contact management solution. Cor365 hosted the conference in the Brookstown Inn meeting room in Old Salem, North Carolina:

Our conference schedule was busy, so the sun was already going down by the time I had time to walk around and take pictures. It was such a lovely area, with live music and weather perfect for sitting outside, so I wanted to share some of the pictures I took.


On the business side of things, if you don’t already know, we use iChamber as our online service for scanned documents. iChamber is a fully secure and redundantly backed up repository with great search functionality. At the conference, we discussed several new features of the upgrade, but for me the most important one was the “recycle bin” function. It’s an entirely new function for us, and it can be enabled or disabled on the back end. It works exactly like the Recycle Bin function in Windows, so if you delete something and decide you want it back, you can easily restore it!

Another feature that provoked much excitement and discussion was one that I had never given much thought to before: document grants. Now, the iChamber system had always offered document grants, but we’ve never really promoted them in the past. What this function does is that it gives you the ability to grant access to a document, via a browser, using an encrypted URL. So, not only is this function useful for current cloud customers because they can give access to specific documents, but it also upgrades our abilities here at Armstrong Archives, as it allows us to offer encrypted, secure access to scan-on-demand items. We have several customers that we not only store documents for, but, when they want something out of a box, we’ll scan it. Now we can offer that same service by using document grants, offering the scans encrypted through our cloud service instead of through a convoluted website system.


We also touched upon the feature called “Integration Definitions.” It gives us the ability to set up a hot key in iChamber that will auto-open a document on the cloud when you highlight the text in other programs. For instance, let’s say you use ACT! for contact management and all contracts were scanned into iChamber. You could set up an identifier field that cross-references the scanned contract. Then, in ACT!, you can highlight the identifier, hit a hot key and then open the contract in your browser. Neat.

The agenda for the second day of the conference was to go over Cor365’s (and now Armstrong Archives’) newest offering, iCor. I would describe the iCor as ACT! on steroids. Through customization it could essentially be your contact management software, workflow process, document management system, sales tracking software and much more in one solution. It is another cloud-based system that integrates directly into your Windows operating system as well as to Outlook. It cuts down on duplicate files being passed around as it eliminates the need for duplication, and all document c
hanges are saved separately while the file itself is always just one file. You can also set up notifications and approval systems, like with other document management systems, as well as track everything for reports. It can even be used on phones or offline when needed.


This was another conference trip that was both a lot of fun as well as extremely informative. I met a lot of new people that use the same systems as we do, and gained plenty of useful user experiences from them in addition to exchanging advice and other industry information with them. It’s all the more reason to look forward to the next conference!

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Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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