All organizations in Dallas, both big and small, need to have a proper document management system in place to protect and organize their critical information. In fact, implementing a document management system that includes document storage is not only smart business practice; it’s also a compliance and regulatory necessity. Unfortunately, some companies still fail to use a secure means of storage for their business documents.


Proper document storage solutions are extremely important for maintaining a secure office environment you can comfortably and efficiently work in. Storing old files in-house may seem like the easiest and most practical solution for your business, but the truth is when documents begin to pile up on desks, or cause your filing cabinets to overflow, this becomes a security threat.
If you begin witnessing any of the below signs occurring at your Dallas business, It is strongly recommended that you turn to professional off-site document storage services as a more reliable solution.

1. The number of filing cabinets seems to be growing
Business documents can consume valuable office space; in some situations it can even take over an entire floor in large corporations! If the need for more filing cabinets is only on the rise, this is a sure sign that you should be outsourcing your document storage requirements.

2. Your staff seems to be spending excessive time in their day searching rather than working
You really know you’re in a sticky situation when employees are teaming up to consult where a specific document is. For your own sanity and convenience, documents should be well organized at all times, and filed properly for easy retrieval.

3. Paper continues to flood filing cabinets and desks
When your employees are at a point where it’s a struggle to simply retrieve a file from your filing cabinet without causing a mess, you’re ultimately causing more work for everyone. In the same sense, documents piled up on the desks of your employees creates instant chaos and clutter. Not only does this present a security issue, it makes day to day processes challenging.

4. You don’t have a retention schedule or have a clue what one is
You haven’t assigned an individual to look after the whereabouts of business documents, and you aren’t shredding old sensitive documents in fear of needing a particular document in the future. All archived business documents are boxed away in your storage room, left unattended and out of the way; however, this may wind up costing your business more in the long-run, especially because this space could be used for a more productive purpose. A retention schedule allows you to stay on top of archived information, so there’s never an issue of what should be kept and what should be safely disposed of.

5. When an employee is absent you can’t find what you’re looking for
When the guy in charge hands over his responsibilities to a co-worker, documents are nearly impossible to find. Without a proper system, the ability for anyone in the office to retrieve documents is like finding a needle in a haystack. Due to the hassle this creates, often important work gets ignored entirely.

Armstrong Archives offers Dallas businesses secure, cost-effective storage for their critical files, providing convenient retrieval services as well. Once your documents are in storage with Armstrong Archives, we will provide you with secure online access tools, allowing you to track and manage records as needed.

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Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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