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Document Destruction

Armstrong Archives offers secure document destruction services for sensitive information. We make it simple for you to ensure that the private information within your files is kept secure and is destroyed safely.

Armstrong Archives provides secure document destruction for materials of all types.  This includes paper records, files, computer tapes, CD’s, and hard drives. A Certificate of Destruction may be supplied upon request once your destruction is complete, so you have confidence that your information has been securely destroyed. Armstrong Archives has many other document destruction security options including office consoles, shredding bins, and bulk paper shredding services.

Document Shredding Services

Businesses use document destruction services for the protection of their confidential information and to mitigate fraud. Document shredding is required by law and prevents ID theft of employees and customers and corporate espionage. Document destruction is necessary to prevent theft damaging to your business. Armstrong Archives safely recycles all of its shredded material.

State and Federal penalties are increasing due to the growth of identity theft and its associated problems. Depending on your industry, if your organization is not using a data destruction service, chances are you’re directly violating at least one of these laws.

Three of the most high profile laws and regulations are FACTA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm Leach Bliley. These laws and regulations require businesses to protect health and financial information and are well known for their tough penalties and strict enforcement and make us one of the most popular shredding services in Dallas with healthcare firms and financial institutions.

Why Is Secure Document Destruction So Important?

Both homes and offices possess crucial documents that contain personal information. If an unscrupulous individual should get their hands on your private information he or she could create havoc in your life.

Identity theft is a multi-billion-dollar industry; one that any company can easily fall victim to if proper precautions are not taken when destroying or disposing of confidential documents. The number of criminal activities involved with stolen important documents is skyrocketing – no matter how big or small your business, you are a potential target.

Companies all over the United States incur financial loss due to embezzlement and forgery. Imagine the damage that could be done to your business? It is best to take no chances when dealing with confidential information.

When you need secure document destruction, it is imperative that you do so correctly. File or stack your unwanted documents in a secure place, where they can be watched over daily, and give Armstrong Archives a call, and we will be there when you need us, to destroy those documents safely.

Whether you need paper document destruction, record storage or document scanning services for your home or company, remember that anyone can be a target. Be thorough and careful with your documents, to prevent any unwanted criminal activity or attention.

Secure paper destruction is extremely important in the safety of your business or home, and the more secure the destruction of your documents, the less chance of any fraudulent activity. Armstrong Archives can assist you in destroying those important, confidential documents.

Secure Destruction

Every company, no matter how big or how small, contains a large amount of important documents. It is crucial that your business is protected from fraud, and here at Armstrong Archives we know the stress and anxiety you go through attempting to protect, archive or destroy sensitive documents. We have the answer to your document destruction needs – supplying you with secure paper destruction options to suit your business.

Our company happily services the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Upon coming to visit your business, we will query the business owners or a certified individual that we are indeed destroying the correct documents. A member of our team will professionally and discretely take away your confidential items to a location monitored by video surveillance cameras, to ensure safety and confidentiality.

Our technology is up-to-date, assuring you and your co-workers peace of mind. We provide large bins and smaller office consoles to collect your sensitive paper. In order to confirm that your paperwork is securely destroyed, an Armstrong Archives truck will safely take your documents and shred them accordingly. Armstrong Archives guarantees that we will securely assist with your document destruction, issuing you with a Certificate of Destruction after completing our job.

Our staff are dedicated and well-trained, promising you a highly reliable and prompt service, along with a friendly and positive attitude. If your business requires regular document destruction, we can offer you the option of special rates and discounts. Armstrong Archives believes in the environment friendly destruction of documentation; recycling all of your waste. For those who require it, we also offer confidential destruction of electronic and magnetic media.

Any business is prone to fraudulence and forgery, so it is important that you and your customers or co-workers feel confident and calm about your important and sensitive documents. Armstrong Archives guarantees that you will feel secure – so give us a call at 972-242-7179 today!

Destruction Bins

Our destruction bins are an easy way to dispose of documents at the customer’s location. These bins have a slot just big enough for a stack of papers and the lids have locks for security. The bins can be used in high document disposal areas such as copy rooms, high traffic areas on your main floors, hallways, closets, you name it. We come to your office and swap your full bins with empty bins based on your schedule. Your bins will be set up on a routine emptying schedule for your convenience. If you need something between scheduled visits you only need to call us. Our scheduling software allows us to set up just about any frequency of rotation whether it be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. Our shredding services, including destruction bins, are available to small businesses throughout North Texas!

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Destruction Consoles

These boxes have bags that are easily swapped when full. Just call us or set up a schedule and we’ll come out to swap your full bags with empty bags. Our schedule system allows for just about any swap frequency to satisfy your needs. We can set up daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. You also have the option to simply call us when your consoles are full and we’ll come out at your convenience. Our shredding consoles are available to businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
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Why Outsource Document Shredding?

Save Time, Save Money, and Added Security

Taking on the task of shredding in-house, can be a very time-consuming commitment that is also a costly expense for your business. Believe it or not, outsourcing your document shredding needs to a professional document destruction company will save you money. If you consider the cost of an office shredder in addition to employee time used to operate one, maintenance and disposal fees, it’s in your best interest to allow professionals to take over. Furthermore, most office shredders will not shred through staples, clips, or rubber bands, reducing the amount of paper you’re able to shred at once; Armstrong Archives can shred in minutes, what might take hours for you to complete internally.

Whether you have little to shred or large volumes of paper that require shredding, Armstrong Archives is armed with the necessary shredding equipment to thoroughly destroy your sensitive information effectively. When you decide you need secure Dallas shredding services, you guarantee confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands. Prior to shredding, we provide you with quality shred bins for safe storage of your documents; whether you require a shred cart or shred console, we have the necessary collection containers to meet your paper collection needs.

Gain peace of mind in knowing your sensitive documents have been securely shredded; Armstrong Archives provides a Certificate of Destruction with every shredding job, providing you with the reassurance you need. With highly trained, knowledgeable staff, you can trust in Armstrong for your document shredding requirements. Take the burden of shredding off your employees, and give them the opportunity to focus on your business goals. Contact Armstrong Archives today, for more information on our paper shredding options and how your business can benefit from secure, professional paper shredding services.

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