Document Management in a Hybrid/Remote Workforce

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Hybrid workforces are more common than ever, and that can create challenges when it comes to your document management. Fortunately, experienced third party services and effective tactics can help you minimize the risks.

What Is Document Management?

First, what is document management? At it’s core, it’s any process or system used to store, track, access, or otherwise handle records. Those records include digital PDFs, images, word processing files, and electronic captures of paper documents.

Effective document management often involves such processes as document scanning, indexing, and remote storage. These processes make it easier for personnel to quickly sort and access files electronically, which is vital when managing a remote workforce.

Importance of Document Management in a Remote/Hybrid Workforce

Document management is a vital part of including remote employees in your day-to-day operations. Frequently, they need to be able to access the same records as your office employees in order to collaborate on projects and meet business objectives.

Implementing effective document management can benefit you, your workers, and your customers in the following ways.

More Efficient Workflow

First, effective document management helps make your workflows more efficient. By making sure all your documents are managed through a centralized system, both office employees and remote workers will be able to retrieve important information with minimal searching.

Improved Collaboration

By making your documents more accessible to remote workers, you can facilitate more collaboration between all members of your workforce. Information is no longer siloed in individual departments, and team members are able to draw upon a central resource as they send documents to each other, use them in meetings, etc.

The end result is greater business continuity and less time spent looking for random bits of information as you create a single source of truth for your company.

Document Management Best Practices For Remote/Hybrid Workplaces

Remote work isn’t going away. In 2020, a Gartner survey indicated that 74% of CFOs believed at least 5% of their workforce would continue working from home after the pandemic, so it’s important to account for remote work when implementing a document management system.

To get the most out of your document management, consider these best practices.

Implement Strict Access Procedures

Remote workforces represent a weak point in your document management strategy since they introduce an additional point where data can be lost or compromised. As such, you need to implement strict processes for how that data should be accessed, such as entering passwords or using specific online portals.

Communicate Procedures Clearly

All document management procedures and protocols should be clearly communicated to your remote workers. Regular brief trainings to review your policies are also recommended.

Document Management FAQs

If you have questions about file management, you might find answers here.

What is the difference between document control and document management?

Document management is simply any process used to store, access, and manage files. Document control specifically focuses on security and credibility, and it involves such tasks as reviewing and approving documents, tracking version histories, and maintaining security.

Why do we need document management?

Effective document management improves the accessibility and security of your company’s records. It keeps overhead costs down by making workflows more efficient and preventing lost data.

What are the challenges of records management?

Challenges often involve records being siloed in individual departments, handling both physical and digital records, and keeping records secure against loss and theft.  Also, consistency is challenging and making sure the same policies and procedures are being adhered to companywide.  A record management service aids greatly in this effort by monitoring records as they are added to see that they are being identified and managed according to set policies.

Experienced Records Management for Your Hybrid Workforce

Records management in a hybrid workforce can be a challenge, but an experienced provider can help. Armstrong Archives provides services such as:

To learn more about our services, contact Armstrong Archives to speak with a representative.

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