Understanding Federated Searches

Federated search refers to a type of information retrieval system that allows a user to simultaneously search multiple resources. After making a single query, a federated search gathers results from multiple engines that participate in Learn more

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Why Off-Site Document Storage in Better than On-Site

To avoid complications and streamline business operations, companies must come up with a number of different policies including a strategy for document storage. This plan should address a number of key issues including what documents Learn more

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Deciding Which Records to Store and Which to Destroy

Many business owners find it difficult to decide which records to store and which to destroy.  Many hesitate to destroy documents out of regulatory compliance concerns. When this is the case, the result is a Learn more

The Advantage of Professional Document Scanning

Every business owner will eventually confront the need to maintain a filing system to ensure his or her company operates effectively. The process of creating this filing system will be unique to each company but Learn more

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