Armstrong Archives vs. Iron Mountain:

Armstrong Archives vs. Iron Mountain Storage: Detailed Service Comparison

Many businesses, from healthcare and finance to legal, governmental, and industrial interests, generate loads of important documents. In such instances, records management becomes an essential facet of overall business management.

This is where reliable off-site records storage comes into play. Ideally, you want a partner that offers flexible solutions suited to your needs, including versatile services, attractive pricing, and exceptional customer support. How does Armstrong Archives stack up against Iron Mountain? Here’s what you need to know.

CategoryIron MountainArmstrong Archives
Pricing– Cubic foot billing
– Annual rate increases
– Pay for reports
– Flat rate/item charge
– Locked-in rates for the life of the contract
– Free reports
Flexibility– One-size-fits-all all services
– Contract required
– Customizable solutions
– Contract optional ($50 minimum)
Service– Large corporate structure
– High-volume, centralized service
– Locally owned & managed
– Personal service
– Interaction with the company president

Pricing Model Breakdown

There’s a reason Armstrong Archives is among the most notable Iron Mountain competitors. It’s because we offer the services you need at prices that make sense for your business.

When you request a quote from Armstrong Archives, it will reflect the range of flexible solutions available at flat rates for each service you require. Rates are locked in for the life of your contract, (if you choose to sign one—they are not required). Competitors like Iron Mountain charge by the cubic foot and may increase their rates annually. 

Plus, reports are always free and we charge no administrative fees or fuel surcharges.

Comparing Solutions Flexibility

The problem with one-size-fits-all solutions like those offered by Iron Mountain is that they’re rarely just right for anyone. You end up paying for services you don’t want or need, because they are part of the package. What you need is an à la carte service menu that offers customizable solutions for every client. 

With Armstrong Archives, you’ll get just that. You choose and pay for only the services you want and you have the option to add extras like document scanning and secure destruction at any time. 


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Quality Service and Support

You might think a high-volume service with a corporate structure is right for your needs. But if you’re looking for the personal touch, locally-owned and operated Iron Mountain alternatives like Armstrong Archives have a lot to offer. We answer only to our clients, not shareholders or corporate bigwigs. And when you call, a real person answers the phone, not a machine.

Why Choose Armstrong Archives?

With Armstrong Archives, you’ll always enjoy the personal attention every client deserves, along with customizable services, flat-rate pricing, and the security that provides peace of mind. 

You’ll never face hidden fees, and our locally-owned structure means the primary concern is client relationships, not shareholder earnings. Additionally, we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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Armstrong Archives is Here for You

Armstrong Archives delivers the customer-centric approach to records management you prefer, with the flexibility and competitive pricing that puts corporate alternatives like Iron Mountain to shame.

Contact us now to learn more about our services and pricing and request a quote for your tailored document storage and records management needs.