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In an era dominated by technological advancements and a shift to the Cloud, there is still an undeniable need for preserving physical documents. Climate-controlled document storage offers a solution to safeguard historical records and sensitive files.  When you need secure, climate-controlled storage in Dallas, you can rely on Armstrong Archives for exceptional service.

Climate-Controlled Storage Dallas, TX

There are many items that can benefit from climate-controlled storage, and sensitive documents fall into that category. All too often, though, companies don’t take the necessary precautions to store these records correctly. That can lead to devastating results, including total document loss in some cases.

Customized Climate Control for Document Safety

At Armstrong Archives, we offer state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage for sensitive documents. This protects everything from the integrity of the paper to the quality of the printing, allowing you to have access to your documents for years to come, without damage or degradation of information you need, when you need it.

Companies often ask what is climate-controlled storage? Many think of it as temperature-controlled storage, which is a popular option at self-storage units around the country. While controlling for temperature matters, your documents need more than that. For optimal protection, you must also control humidity and other climate-based factors.

Armstrong’s new climate-controlled warehouse offers advanced features to better serve our client’s needs. The upgraded facility will feature a powerful HVAC system to regulate temperature and humidity, and a fail-safe backup power system. This means you can feel confident that your records are securely protected from our area’s extreme weather conditions.

When they need quality climate-controlled storage, Dallas companies rely on Armstrong Archives.  You can, too. Get in touch with us today for complete document storage and management needs. 

Tailored Solutions: Your Records, Our Priority

Even if your company is in a big industry with a lot of competitors, it’s still a unique entity. This means you need tailored solutions that address your business’s specific needs.  Armstrong Archives has a strong track record of providing solutions customized to fit each of our clients’ unique storage requirements.

Personalized Service, Superior Expertise

Armstrong’s deep knowledge of records storage solutions across many verticals allows us to offer our clients industry-specific solutions to address virtually any document storage need.  And our decades of experience means if a client comes to us with a unique problem,  we can draw on our extensive resources to find the right solution. We are committed to total client satisfaction, and our reviews back that up, showcasing the effectiveness and reliability we provide to every client, every time. 

Our happy clients include Christine, who says, “We have used Armstrong Archives for many years. The staff is always helpful and the customer service cannot be beat!”

Then there’s Gabbie, who states, “We use Armstrong Archives for our document storage at work. They are always reliable. Our service requests are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. The staff is professional and personable. I have no complaints about Armstrong Archives.”

With an overall 4.9 rating, our clients are overwhelmingly happy about the quality of services they receive. We look forward to making you one of our happy customers, too.

Uncompromised Security

Our secure online access and advanced security features in our storage facilities ensure that your documents are protected. We use a secure, alarmed archiving warehouse, so there’s no unauthorized access. 

Our climate-control and fire suppression systems reduce your risk of loss. Long-term preservation of all your documents is assured when threats from heat, cold, humidity, flooding, and other dangers are removed. 

Because we handle your sensitive information, we are committed to staying abreast of all the latest regulations that govern records handling in the United States. For this reason, we continually conduct training to ensure our staff is well informed and our company is fully compliant.

Convenient Document and Record Storage Dallas, TX

Convenience matters when it comes to storing and retrieving records. Proper protection is essential, but easy access is also a must.

Effortless Retrieval

Along with our secure, convenient document storage services, we offer convenient pickup and delivery service so you can get your records fast.  When you have additional documents to add to storage, just call us or put in an online pickup request.

Retrieving needed documents is just as easy.  Just let us know before 2pm and we’ll get your records delivered to you the same day!  If you prefer, you can come to our warehouse and use our secure, comfortable viewing room to review your documents.  When you have an urgent need, we can scan documents and email them to you in pdf form. 

When you use Armstrong Archives for document storage, you’ll have 24/7  online access to an inventory of your records, so you can perform queries and run reports as needed.  You can also place an order for document retrieval or pickup online at any time. We’re committed to security, privacy, and exceptional customer service, so you’ll get the quality you deserve and the efficiency your company needs to keep moving forward.

Protecting Your Documents, Preserving Your Peace of Mind

Sensitive documents require the right level of care, and with our 24-hour security you know your documents are safe and sound. You can sleep better at night with the knowledge that your records will be there when you need them, and there are measures in place to reduce your risk of loss.

Advanced Facilities, Trusted Protection

Armstrong Archives’ advanced facilities and expert care provide the peace of mind you deserve. From fire suppression and climate control to secure online access for ordering the documents you need, we deliver everything you’re looking for to protect, store, and access all your company’s documents around the clock.

Get in touch with us at Armstrong Archives for a quote today, and let’s talk about how our trusted document storage solutions can protect what’s important to you and your company for the long term.

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