All businesses are required to keep records, whether electronic or on paper. Often they can face challenges effectively archiving large amounts of data and information.

Keeping track of and having enough space to properly and efficiently store records can be troublesome and costly. Your company can save time and money outsourcing storage and document scanning to the professionals at Armstrong Archives. An independent, locally owned document management company with more than 30 years experience, Armstrong provides you a reliable, secure and economic solution to your document storage needs.

Armstrong Archives vs. Iron Mountain Storage

CategoryIron MountainArmstrong Archives
Pricing– Cubic foot billing
– Annual rate increases
– Pay for reports
– Flat rate/item charge
– Locked-in rates for the life of the contract
– Free reports
Flexibility– One-size-fits-all all services
– Contract required
– Customizable solutions
– Contract optional ($50 minimum)
Service– Large corporate structure
– High-volume, centralized service
– Locally owned & managed
– Personal service
– Interaction with the company president