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If you are shopping for an offsite file storage company, you have, no doubt, come across Iron Mountain Storage in your review of document storage solutions.  Iron Mountain Storage is a large, national records storage facility with over 1,000 locations.  This corporate behemoth projects a powerful online presence with a large, slick website and big advertising budget.  But good marketing and a nice website are no substitute for quality document management services and superior customer service.

Maybe you are already a customer of theirs and are looking for an Iron Mountain Storage alternative?  You may have been forced to use Iron Mountain’s record management system when your company merged with another, or perhaps you chose to go with them for digital records storage and now are regretting that decision.  You may be tired of their frequent price increases and indifferent service.   We commonly receive calls from customers looking for an alternative to Iron Mountain Storage for medical chart storage, legal document storage, or many other types of records management.  If this describes you, then you will want to consider Armstrong Archives for your next, and last, document storage solution.

What Makes Armstrong Archives The Complete Document Storage Solution?

Located in Carrollton, Texas, Armstrong Archives has provided secure document storage and records management services to the Dallas and Fort Worth areas for over twenty years.  Just like Iron Mountain Storage, we offer complete records management services, including off site paper file storage, a digital document management system, shredding services, distribution services, and consulting & logistics.  But we give our customers much more. We are committed to delivering right-sized records management solutions that are customized to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of company size or industry.  

Unlike corporate giants such as Iron Mountain services, we know our customers by name and develop relationships with each one.  When you choose Armstrong Archives for your records storage services, you will get to know our President, Sherri Taylor and probably see her if you happen to stop by to use our document viewing room. We are large enough to be able to meet the storage needs of large national corporations, yet small enough to accommodate the special requests of our customers.  We don’t have shareholders to answer to– we only answer to our clients.

If you’re looking for secure document storage in multiple locations across the country, Armstrong Archives can help with that, too.  Through our participation in the National Records Centers we are able to offer our clients document storage solutions in cities all over the United Status under one contract agreement and rate plan.  You don’t have to choose Iron Mountain and sacrifice service just because you need offsite file storage on a nation-wide basis or regional basis.  You can get the same great service you are used to with Armstrong Archives, and we will still be your primary point of contact for all document management services.  

Iron Mountain Storage vs. Armstrong Archives

Advantage 1 – Pricing

When you choose our record storage facility, you will only be charged a flat-rate per item charge, not cubic foot billing like Iron Mountain Storage.  This means that you can store more files for less money.  And unlike the other guys, we don’t add sneaky hidden fees like admin fees, reporting charges and double trip charges.  When we deliver a box to you, there is only one delivery fee and no fuel surcharge. And your storage reports from Armstrong Archives are free!

Advantage 2 – Flexibility

Unlike Iron Mountain Storage, our records management services are not one size fits all.  The offsite storage solutions at Armstrong Archives are flexible, to meet your needs!  Our contract terms are flexible and negotiable and our minimum monthly charge for file storage is only $54!  Iron Mountain can’t do that!

Advantage 3 – Service

Iron Mountain Storage is a publicly traded company and has to answer to its shareholders.  Therefore it must be as profitable as possible, which means running lean and cutting costly customer benefits.  Armstrong Archives doesn’t have to answer to anyone but our customers, and it shows!  Every time you call, you will speak to a live person, not a machine, and you will enjoy the kind of personalized service that our customers have come to expect and appreciate!  After all, we are a proud, local, woman-owned company that has been in business for more than 25 years.

If you are looking for an alternative to Iron Mountain Storage, come see us at Armstrong Archives.  You will love our state-of-the-art digital document management system, our climate-controlled warehouse, our secure document destruction services, and our commitment to putting you first.  See for yourself how our dedication to providing right-sized records management solutions means we meet the needs of customers every time. Contact us now to get started today!

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