Considering Offsite Records Storage? Ask the Right Questions

In today’s business world, the growth and rapid pace in which technology is changing makes the need for a secure, information management program in place more critical than ever.

When you take advantage of the services offered by an offsite records storage company, you will notice an improvement in business operations, employee productivity, and protects you from the risks and stress that comes with audit or worse, the possibility of a natural disaster.

Before making the decision to go offsite however, it is still wise that the following questions be addressed first:

Is Offsite Storage for Your Business?

Why is your business contemplating offsite record storage? This may seem like a silly question, but you should have clear goals/reasons in place as to how such a service will benefit your company. Are you looking to free up valuable office space? Are you implementing this as part of your disaster recovery plan? Do you have sensitive information that needs to be kept secure and away from unauthorized personnel?

What type of record storage does your business need?  You need to determine the types of files you will be storing. Are you planning to store documents, media tapes, hard drives or other electronic media? Do you require fire protection and climate control? Do you require ongoing access to files? Are you planning to store records for a minimal time frame or long term?

Questions to Ask a Records Storage Provider:

Once you have decided that your business will be storing records off-site in a secure records facility, it’s crucial to do your research to ensure you choose the best records storage company for your requirements. After all, you are trusting in your off-site storage provider to protect your company’s confidential information.

Will the provider provide references? A credible records storage provider should have no issue in presenting you with these.

Does the records facility have trained employees with industry knowledge and expertise?  Usually you can locate certificates, company credentials, and experience directly on a website but feel free to ask this question to confirm. It’s important the company you choose to work with consists of highly knowledgeable employees.

Does the company offer the range of services your business requires? Be sure you have an understanding of services offered. Perhaps you also require document scanning and document destruction? Look for a provider that offers all three services for convenient records management.

Will the facility monitor your records with security features?  For your protection, the facility you use to store your records in should be climate controlled, fire resistant and equipped with a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Anything less than this, poses a significant threat when it comes to the safety of your information.

At Armstrong Archives Record Storage in Carrollton TX, you can expect your records to remain protected and secure at all times. Our trained professionals strive to maintain the highest possible quality and efficiency with everything we do. For more information on our document storage and management solutions, please contact us at 972.242.7179

Sherri Taylor

Posted By: Sherri Taylor – President/Managing Partner

Sherri Taylor is the Managing Partner and President of Armstrong Archives, one of the largest independent records and information management companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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