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Records Retention Guide for CPAs & Accounting Firms

Accounting firms and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) deal with numerous financial documents, and many of those records need to be carefully maintained. While federal law requires you to keep tax documents and supporting records for three years, the IRS may audit records up to six years back in certain cases, so it’s important to keep Learn more

Creating a Disaster Recovery plan for a Business

When disasters such as fires, hurricanes, or tornadoes hit, it’s important to be prepared. Disaster recovery is a manifold process that incorporates all aspects of your company. There are a few items in particular that you’ll need to account for when putting together a disaster recovery plan for your business. Communication Through all stages of Learn more

Records Management for Manufacturing Companies

The safe and secure storage of records is of the utmost importance for a manufacturing company. Owing to the nature of their business, manufacturing companies generate thousands of records every day. These records may be related to production, inventory, sales, taxes, employment, payroll, research and development, finance and business development, and policies and statements. They Learn more

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The Importance of Records Indexing in Document Storage

As a database grows bigger, it takes increasingly more time to find the right record. This is true for digital files as well as physical files stored with an off-site storage facility. Records indexing, the process of organizing business records, help to solve this problem so that finding individual records becomes quick and painless. Records Learn more

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Government Document Storage

For any government, whether federal, state, city, or county, the safe and secure storage of official documents is a top priority. Armstrong Archives is pleased to offer our government records management services to organizations in and around the North Texas area. Benefits of Using Armstrong Archives Government Records Management There are several Learn more

Selecting the Right Document Storage Solution

Information is one of the most important assets of a business or organization. Theft or loss of sensitive data can paralyze a business and result in huge financial losses. Therefore, every business must zealously safeguard its data. Since data generated over time can take a huge amount of physical space and are vulnerable to Learn more

Retail Records Management in Dallas

During busy times, Dallas-area retailers are thinking about serving customers, re-stocking shelves and ensuring inventory meets demands. What they shouldn’t be worrying about is stepping over and around unkempt stacks of receipts and records. Retail records management is a task best done off site and best left to the experts. Consider the following if Learn more

HIPAA Compliant Records Storage and Destruction

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created standards for the storage and disposal of protected health information (PHI). Healthcare providers and businesses must comply with the HIPAA not only to obey the law and protect confidential patient information, but also to costly fines and lawsuits. Here, we review guidelines to follow to Learn more

Digital Document Scanning Services

Digital document scanning services provide many benefits to companies, especially when used in conjunction with offsite storage. Here, we’ll go over the value that digital document scanning can provide for your organization. More Time One of the greatest benefits digital document scanning offers a company is increased efficiency. After documents are converted into a digital Learn more

5 Reasons to Use Off-Site Document Storage

Your company’s documents and files are absolutely vital to your ability to conduct business. But they can be cumbersome and bulky to store, taking up a great deal of space. Offsite document storage is an ideal solution when it comes to managing corporate records, and here are 5 reasons why: Make Space Filing cabinets take Learn more

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