HIPAA Compliant Records Storage and Destruction

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created standards for the storage and disposal of protected health information (PHI). Healthcare providers and businesses must comply with the HIPAA not only to obey the law and protect confidential patient information, but also to costly fines and lawsuits. Here, we review guidelines to follow to Learn more

Deciding Which Records to Store and Which to Destroy

Many business owners find it difficult to decide which records to store and which to destroy.  Many hesitate to destroy documents out of regulatory compliance concerns. When this is the case, the result is a lot more files on hand than are actually needed. After months or years of this practice, companies end up with Learn more

Protect Your Sensitive Information with Secure Destruction

Secure destruction of sensitive personal, financial, and healthcare information is a must. In the day and age of sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals, one can never be too careful when discarding sensitive information. It’s not enough to rip up paper documents anymore – now that data has gone digital, it’s necessary to securely destroy sensitive information Learn more

What Should our Company Do with Our Paper Files?

Companies across all industries are transferring paper files into electronic versions on the computer. It is a necessary process that makes file access and organization easier and more efficient. It also saves massive amounts of space. However, converting from paper into electronic is a time-consuming and tedious project. Armstrong Archives can help with a variety Learn more

Some Things You Ought To Know About Outsource Shredding

The office shredder. She’s been with you for quite some time now. She’s seen you through some rough times, office parties, milestones in your business. She’s getting kind of old, and you’ve thought about replacing her, but it just doesn’t seem right. You’ve used your shredder on thousands of pieces of paper over the years, Learn more

Why it’s Time to Ditch the Office Shredder

With the New Year around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider what changes could be made to your internal business procedures, for a more successful and secure 2015. Office shredders are widely used among organizations throughout Dallas in an effort to destroy the private contents of old business files, before they are Learn more

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Implement a “Shred All Policy” for your Business

When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are you storing your customer When beginning a secure document shredding policy in your workplace, there are several aspects to consider. What do compliance laws currently consist of? How are you Learn more

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Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft with Document Shredding

Let’s face it; your identity is one of your most valuable possessions.  It’s imperative that you are doing everything you can to keep the identity of your business, employees, and yourself protected. Nowadays identity theft cases continue to occur here in Texas and the rest of the United States, and the number of data breaches Learn more

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Choose Armstrong Archives for Document Shredding

If you’re like most businesses, your DFW Company produces an excessive amount of information on a day to day basis. Due to strict privacy regulations in place, safeguarding the privacy of customers, employees, and of course your business is extremely important.  Outsourcing your document shredding needs will contribute to safe document management, protecting sensitive information Learn more

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Reduce the Risk of Fraud in Your Dallas Workplace

Throughout the Dallas region as well as other major cities across the United States, businesses are being affected by fraud. Whether you are a large corporation or a small independent company, fraud is a serious crime that can occur in several forms. Fraudulent activity may take place internally through employees, or can take reference to Learn more

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